App Review – Tik Tok


App Name: Tik Tok

Category: Photo & Video

Ages: 12+

Rating: 4.7/5

Developer: Inc.

Tik Tok is an app where you can record 15-second videos of yourself dancing, singing or just acting funny. The app is raw, real, and without boundaries.  Tik Tok has over millions of different sounds to use, or music to overlap your video with. If your video is good, you’ll be seen in the for you page of others accounts. The for you page is a variety of videos that the app generates together that they, Tik Tok, \ thinks you will like. The app also consists of filters and fun stickers that you can add to your videos.  Tik Tok is an app where you can do and act however you want, meaning you don’t need to impress anyone. Life is more fun when you live in the moment and have fun!


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