Student Feature: Max Tyner

Name: Max Tyner

Grade: 11

The Bark Staff  has recognized some unique talents that you possess, and we would like to further elaborate on one particular skill that we have heard about – Puppet Making.

Do you call them puppets, or what do you call them?                                          I usually call them “plushies”, but more specifically they can be called M-Ko’s.

What does M-Ko’s mean?

M-Ko’s mean Maxwell plushies, Like the actual Funko pops, but my own version of dolls.

When do you make them?

Whenever I get the chance to; whenever someone requests to buy one; or whenever I get an idea for one.

How long does it take you to make them?

Well, if it’s a small one,  it takes me about a few days. If it’s a big project, it will take me maybe a week or two.

How long have you been making them?

I have been making them for about five years.

How much material do you need to make them?

It depends on how big it is. The normal ones take up about 3 to 5 pieces of felt. You also have to consider the amount of hot glue needed. I use giant pieces of felt, so I don’t run out.

Where do you get your material to make them at?

I usually get my fabric from Wal*Mart, but if it’s rare, I will order my fabric from Etsy.

How much do you spend on supplies to make them?

I usually spend about 10 to 15 dollars per doll.

Can you explain the process in making them?

It’s complicated to some people who don’t understand how to make them, but to me I see a wave of designs in my head, so it makes it easy to draw a design, make a pattern, cut the pieces out, sew it all together, and then finish up with details.

Do you consider making these puppets being one of your passions?

Oh, most definitely. I love turning something you never thought could be done into reality.

What/who inspired you to start making puppets?

My friends on the internet; they really got me into it.

How many puppets have you made so far?

In total I have 70 or more, but over the time I’ve lost count of how many I have made.

Do you plan to continue with creating them during your senior year and/or after you graduate?

Of course, I won’t stop making them until the day I kick the bucket.