Finally…New Marching Band Uniforms!

Dylan Donine, Staff Writer

It’s about time.  It took way too long for the marching band to get new uniforms, but they are finally here.

Twenty years ago, before any of us were even born, the RVHS Marching Band acquired new all black uniforms: black hats, pants, and tops with silver buttons – the only color being in a white and red sash imprinted with  “RVHS”.

Twelve years ago, the school’s marching band received just new tops to these uniforms that added red on one half of the shirt and white on the other half with the head of a bulldog printed on the chest. Band members had the same old pants, and no new hats.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the marching band received new red and white hats with a shiny silver chain strewn across the front of the hat underneath the “RV” stitched onto the front.  But still, band members were wearing the same old pants.

Finally, this year the marching band was allowed to get completely new uniforms: new plumes, hats, shirts and pants! They were designed by the late Mr.Reefer, and everyone in the band is very excited for some wardrobe refreshment. The new plumes are white, the hats are black and red with a silver chain across the front underneath a stitched in “RV” on the front, the pants are black, and the shirts have “Redbank Valley” printed on the top of the left sleeve, and “RV” stitched onto the chest on the left side, and have black sleeves with a nice red middle and a white stripe going down the middle (much like a sash) with silver buttons through it.

The new uniforms are not only exciting because the previously-worn uniforms were battered, but they were out-of-style, too. They are refreshing in a clean and tasteful way, and it’s so good to have a long-awaited change finally happen.