Seniors Open Time Capsules!

Keaton Kahle reads his 7th grade memoir to his crew.

Redbank Valley High School Cass of 2019 opened their seventh grade time capsules on Wednesday, May 1, in the cafeteria during seventh period.

The seniors created their time capsules in their seventh grade English class with Mrs. DiGiammarino. Some of the projects in the capsule included a journal, an interview of a grandparent, memoirs, surveys, persuasive essays, a letter to their twelfth grade self, and a string measurement of their height, just to name a few. The projects in their time capsules reflected their past, documented their present and predicted their future. The time capsules were sealed at the end of seventh grade and stored in the school until their senior year.  Mrs. D. started this time capsule project in 2003 with the first opening in 2008.  This is the eleventh time RVHS seniors have opened time capsules.

Some time capsule highlights include the following:  Keaton Kahle read aloud his seventh grade memoir about youth football while his group of friends laughed hysterically.   Mason Songer was delighted that he grew two whole inches since seventh grade.  (Just kidding, Mason.)  Emily Little was brought to tears while reading the letter her mom wrote six years ago for her.  Many students pondered how friendships have changed over the years, while others, like Torrie Sayers and Taylor Ferraino, were so happy to still be close friends.  Twins, Chase and Hunter Wiles, modeled the All-Star Youth Football jerseys they put in their time capsules in seventh grade.  It was amazing that they still fit!  Check out this photo and more in our attached slideshow.