App Review: Trivia Crack

App Review: Trivia Crack

App name: Trivia Crack

Category: Trivia

Age: 11+

Rating: 4.5

Developer: Etermax

Looking for a friendly challenge between friends and family? This Game will test your knowledge in 6 different categories such as: Art, Sports, History, Entertainment, Science, and Geography. You can challenge your friends to find out who the real genius is. The game works like Wheel of Fortune, you spin the wheel and it will land on one of the six categories if you get three questions correct then you get to answer a question for a crown, or if you get lucky you might land on a crown as one of the categories. If you happen to land on the crown then you have an opportunity to get a character of your choosing. The first person to get all 6 characters at the end wins the game and also wins bragging rights.