Attention Prom Attendees: It’s Spirit Week!

Attention Prom Attendees: Its Spirit Week!

Monday, April 29th

‘merica Day, wear your red, white, and blue.

Tuesday, April 29th

20s Day, throw it back to the 1920s and wear your old school clothes

Wednesday, May 1st

Hippie Day, let’s see that tie die, and band tees.

Thursday, May 2nd

Dress like Your Date Day, gentleman: make sure those shorts and dresses are fingertip length!

Friday, May 3rd – Prom!

Lazy day, ladies: dress down before dressing up!


Reminder: Students attending prom are permitted to leave at 11:30 AM on Friday. Students should be back at the school to prepare for promenade at 4:30 and it will begin at 5:30. Remember to stay safe this weekend and avoid drinking and driving at all costs; it’s not worth it. To find more about what risks drinking and driving can cost, you can check out Brandon’s Dad’s Story.