Foods & You Designs Cupcakes

Mrs. Jennifer Pago from Jen’s Custom Cakes came in Wednesday, April 24, to show Mrs. Orange’s Foods and You class how to decorate cupcakes. She instructed them how to use a piping bag and use different tips for different designs. The Bark interviewed Pago on some information about her baked goods.

Pago started baking cakes twelve years ago after she had her second child and quit her job. “My children and my mom inspired me.  My mom used to make cakes for us when I was a kid. I wanted to make birthday cakes for my kids, too.”

Pago did not intend selling cakes as a business. “I just wanted to do it as a hobby. I sold my first cake probably a month after I started making them.” Mrs. Pago is all self-taught when it comes to her piping skills. “I don’t think they are perfect by any means. I still think I can improve.”

Pago’s favorite design is a basic swirl with a star tip. Mrs Pago thinks that making wedding cakes is really stressful.   “I’m starting to like cupcakes more now, but birthday cakes are probably my favorite.”

Enjoy the slideshow posted with this article and visit Jen’s Custom Cakes on Facebook to see her incredible work.    Thanks for sharing your skills with Foods and You, Mrs. Pago.