APP Review: Stickman Hook


App Name: Stickman Hook

Category: Games

Rating: 4.7/5

Age: 12+

Developer: MADBOX

Explore the limitless blue sky with Stickman Hook. Each level is prepared for the round, they contain multiple bounce pad –  pillow platforms and different characters. Get your jumpsuit ready. You may not be able to fly but you sure can swing around in this game! With classic levels and many other unlockable challenges, you can perform sweet moves, flipping and swinging through the air.

The point of the game, as the player, is to reach the finish line by swinging from the platforms. Sometimes there will be a lot of space between hooks. That’s when bouncing from platform to platform will help fly through the space. Not all levels are easy to pass. You can unlock new looks/characters in two ways. You can earn skins by completing the levels, or you can complete a number of special challenges. The skies await!