Talent Show!

First Place WWE Gang

On Thursday, April 18, the School Store and RVHS Tri-M Music Honor Society sponsored a talent show in the high school auditorium at 1:oo PM for all students.

Tri-M President Addison Minich introduced the Masters of Ceremony, Colin Sheffer and Logan Wadding.  The MC’s introduced the judges by selecting a theme song for each judge’s personality, hobbies, or job.  Mr. Campbell “flew” with outstretched arms in to the auditorium to Star Wars music, while the gregarious, boisterous Mrs. DiGiammarino danced down the auditorum aisle to “You Make Me Want to Shout”.  Mrs. Switzer, guidance counselor, came in to “Help” by the Beatles and Mrs. Trimble, school sectretary, entered to the theme music from the The Office.  But perhaps one of the funniest moments of the entire talent show was the entrance of Officer Brad to “Bad Boys”, the theme from Cops. The audience went wild!  Officer Brad truly “hammed it up” using his flashlight and even having a box of donuts waiting for him as he walked down the aisle to the judges’ table.

The judges were seated front and center at a table with name plates, water, snacks, and prepared judging rubrics.  Carly Over displayed the talent show prize baskets while The Price Is Right theme music played in the background.

More than a dozen acts, ranging from vocal performances to Tik-Tok dancing to an elaborate WWE skit, entertained students for nearly an hour and a half.  Antony Spence and Codee Young both performed guitar-accompanied vocals that wowed the audience.  Logan Waddings’ Napoleon Dynamite dance had the auditorium cracking up–or was it the wig he wore?!  Jared Spence, a self-taught pianist, demonstrated his piano skills and did not disappoint.  Perhaps the most dramatic part of the talent show was the WWE Gang Skit that was rehearsed to perfection and came with costumes that fit the skit to a T.  The WWE Gang brought the attitude, while Mr. Gold added the humor with his play-by-play interspersed with jokes.   The smoke machines filled the auditorium to add to the drama–and making several seniors in the front row worried about second hand smoke.

Every detail of the talent show was highly organized–the whole auditorium even sang karaoke to “Country Roads” by John Denver while waiting for the judges’ results to be tallied.

The winners of this year’s talent show include the following:

First Place: WWE Gang (Dalton Bish, Ridge Cook, Aidan Gardner, Hudson Martz, Ray Shreckengost and announcer, Mr. Gold) Skit

Second Place: Antony Spence, Vocal & Guitar

Third Place: A Tie:  Codee Young, Vocal & Guitar and Wesley Sweet, Piano

The talent show has a long tradition here at RVHS. Mrs. DiGiammarino can remember judging  the talent show her very first year of teaching at RVHS in 1987. Back then the talent show was at night and was sponsored by Student Council. In between each act, masters of ceremonies would introduce acts, tell jokes, or perform short skits. Teachers always had a group act that included dancing and singing.  The winner that year was Rodney Nulph, a 7th grader who demonstrated turkey calls.

This year’s talent show has upped the expectations of RV talent show audiences and will not be forgotten.  Students and staff are looking forward to what talent the students and teachers will bring to the stage next year.  Enjoy the attached slideshow with highlights from the talent show.

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