Teacher Feature: Dr. Harmon


Q: What high school did you go to? 

A: Anker Bay High School in Deroit

Q: What college did you go to?

A: Clarion University for my bachlor’s degree, Lockhaven University for my master’s degree, and Liberty University for my doctorial degree.

Q: What extracurricular activities did you participate in during high school and college?

A: I played soccer, was a part of National Honors Society, and was in a club called D.E.C.A, Distributive Education Club of America, in high school.

Q: What made you decide to be a teacher?

A: I decided to be a teacher after I taught at Clarion Hospital from 1993-2000. I taught EMT courses and was a first aid instructor when I fell in love with teaching.

Q: What is one of your favorite teaching memories? 

A: My favorite memories of being a teacher include when we were on ABC News, being the leader of Bible Club, getting to have dinner with the Justice of Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Conner, and being the 12th finalist  for Teacher of the Year.

Q: What is one local, state, or national educational issue that you would like to see resolved?

A: I would like to see grades be eliminated and focus on just learning.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

A: I like to spend time with my family, travel, go to the movies, ride my bike, and do education things.

Q: If you had not chosen to be a teacher, what other career path would you have explored?

A: I would have continued to teach EMS and work to be an EMS working in the helicopter.