Kolby Barrett’s 2019 NFL Mock Draft

Kolby Barretts 2019 NFL Mock Draft

The following players are my selections for each teams pick for the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray / Quarterback / Oklahoma

It’s pretty obvious by now that the Arizona Cardinals need a franchise quarterback, and I think that Kyler Murray could be a perfect fit for the team. There are only two big factors that come with drafting Murray, one being that the guy is only 5’10″, and he has already been drafted by the Oakland Athletics for baseball. Who’s to say that he won’t ditch the NFL for the MLB.  I mean Mike Trout just got a half of a billion dollar contract. All in all, Murray’s athletic ability is outstanding, all while having a cannon for an arm.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa / Defensive End / Ohio State

Nick Bosa is an obvious top 5 draft pick.  After having an outstanding season at OSU, he is sure to be a quality draft pick. The only reason I could think that the 49ers wouldn’t pick up Bosa is the fact that they need a star wide receiver, after not being able to pursue Antonio Brown this offseason. Nick is, from what it seems to be, a glorified version of his brother Joey Bosa. If the cards play out right, Bosa is an easy top 3 pick and could even be the first pick in the draft.

3. New York Jets – Quinnen Williams / Defensive Tackle / Alabama

After signing Pro Bowl running back Le’veon Bell this offseason, the Jets will be looking for an explosion on the defensive side of things. Quinnen Williams was a huge success at Alabama and showed an impressive combine run. Williams is most definitely a lottery pick but where he will land is the question. As long as Arizona ends up taking Murray with the first pick, I am sure that the Jets will be taking Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa if he’s is still on the board. 

4. Oakland Raiders – Josh Allen / Linebacker / Kentucky

The Oakland Raiders are in need of a great linebacker after giving up an insanely talented Khalil Mack to the Bears last year.  Josh Allen may be the right person for the fit. Oakland however signed Pro Bowl Linebacker Vontaze Burfict this offseason to try and fill the shoes, but the thing with signing Burfict is that you will be receiving more of an edge rusher or an outside linebacker.   Picking up Allen can give you a stud Mike backer.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jawaan Taylor / Offensive Tackle / Florida

Tampa Bay has had some struggles on the O-line in recent years but give quarterback Jameis Winston a solid O-line and things might change. I could see the possibility of the Buccaneers signing wide receiver DK Metcalf or possibly defensive end Montez Sweat, who had a solid performance at the NFL Combine. All in all, I think that the Buccaneers will sign Jawaan Taylor, who has the potential to be the next Andrew Whitworth or a Jason Peters.

6.New York Giants – Dwayne Haskins / Quarterback / Ohio State

New York has been searching for a new quarterback for a quick second now that Eli Manning has gone completely down hill. The Giants would love to have Kyler Murray, but it is highly doubted that he will fall back to the sixth pick. Dwayne Haskins had an outstanding time when with the Buckeyes and will most likely have a pretty solid career in the NFL.  Haskins is not the fastest quarterback ever (running a slower 40 than Eli Manning), however, he still has a bomb of an arm and his football IQ is outstanding.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Devin White / Linebacker / LSU

One of the top linebackers in this Draft Class, Devin White can be a great player in this league. Yes it may be a stretch of White going this far back in the Draft and him possibly going with the fourth pick to the Raiders, but if Jacksonville can get a chance with this kid, they will be sure to strike on getting him. I would assume that the Jaguars would get another linebacker to help out Telvin Smith and Myles Jack in the backfield. White would be a great fit in Jacksonville.

8. Detroit Lions – Devin Bush / Linebacker / Michigan

The Detroit Lions have never had truly a remarkable team, they’ve had some great players in the past, such as Barry Sanders and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Jr. Detroit has also never really been able to produce a great linebacker. This year I think that the Lions will end up taking one of the two Devin’s (Devin Bush and Devin White.) Both of the two are close to 240 pounds,  but Bush is only 5’11 while White is 6’1 something that can impact the linebackers wingspan when going for a ball.

9. Buffalo Bills – DK Metcalf / Wide Receiver / Ole Miss

Overall the best NFL Combine appearance this year, DK Metcalf could easily be a perfect fit for the Bills franchise. While the Bills had their fifty seconds of fame over the offseason when they allegedly were said to have picked up wide receiver Antonio Brown, thus being fell through and Brown all in all going to the Raiders. That is why with the ninth pick, I think that the Bills should pick up DK Metcalf. Metcalf was actually overlooked during the college season by Antonio Brown’s cousin A.J. Brown. Metcalf stout performance during the Combine lead to his Draft Stock skyrocketing

10. Denver Broncos – Ed Oliver / Defensive Tackle / Houston

After getting Joe Flacco in the offseason, a big role to fill for the team is to get a solid defensive lineman that will help Von Miller control the inside. The ideal player for the Broncos would be Quinnen Williams, but he will most likely be got before the first five picks. Oliver has the same body structure as Williams and also was able to impress the scouts with his time at Houston. Although most mock drafts have the Broncos picking up  quarterback Dwayne Haskins with this pick, I think that the Broncos should wait a year and pick up Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma or Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama in next years draft.

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Montez Sweat / Defensive End / Mississippi State

Now this could be a huge pick up for the Bengals if Sweat is still available when they are on the clock. Sweat had a great year for Mississippi State and had a great NFL Combine performance by breaking the defensive linemen 40 yard dash time with a 4.41. With Sweat’s speed he could be a fast threat on the outside and could easily fit into the outside or inside linebacker position if need be. Sweat had a bit over fifty tackles last year when with Mississippi State.

12. Green Bay Packers – T.J. Hockenson / Tight End / Iow

Only being a sophomore last year, T.J. Hockenson will be a big threat for teams to look out for. Hockenson can catch and block, something that all teams look out for when drafting a tight end. Green Bay has always had some solid players when it comes to the tight end position, from Jermichael Finley to Martellus Bennett, Hockenson should be able to fill the role of these great tight ends.

13. Miami Dolphins – Rashan Gary / Defensive Tackle / Michigan

After losing Robert Quinn and Cameron Wake during the offseason, a primary focus for the Dolphins during the Draft will be on the defensive spectrum. With that I think they should pick up defensive tackle Rashan Gary, Gary is a big guy when it comes to playing the defensive tackle position. He is 6’5, 282 pounds, he is built almost something like top NBA prospect Zion Williamson for Duke University’s Basketball team, who is 6’6 and the same weight. Gary could easily fill the role of the defensive role model for the Dolphins.

14. Atlanta Falcons – Andre Dillard / Offensive Tackle / Washington State

The offensive line is a place that every team can improve on, and Andre Dillard could fit the role on anybody’s team. Although center Alex Mack has been the star on the Falcons line for the last couple of years, I think that Dillard can improve to be the Falcons next offensive line leader. Also, many are saying that Dillard will fall back in hopes that the Texans will pick him up, but I think that would be a waste of a pick if the Falcons do not draft this kid.

15. Washington Redskins – Marquise Brown /  Wide Receiver / Oklahoma

Josh Doctson has done an okay job of being the primary target for the Redskins, but I think it’s time for them to find their next Antonio Brown or Julio Jones. If the Redskins go this route the they will most likely have two options Marquise Brown from Oklahoma or AJ Brown from Ole Miss. There could be the possibility that combine superstar DK Metcalf could slip back to the fifteenth pick and the I could easily see the Redskins going after him. If Brown can live up to his cousin Antonio’s ability I think that he will be a great fit in the League.

16. Carolina Panthers – Jonah Williams / Offensive Tackle / Alabama

Probably one of the more underrated picks in the draft this year would have to be offensive tackle Jonah Williams. Williams waying in at just roughly over 300 pounds was able to a solid career at Alabama and is now showcasing his position. A route thought that many speculate that the Panthers will take is drafting a wide receiver. I disagree with that take because I believe that the team’s draft pick last year DJ Moore will make a big impact, allowing them to draft top O linemen Jonah Williams.

17. New York Giants (via Cleveland Browns) – AJ Brown / Wide Receiver / Ole Miss

The Giants second, first rounder will most definitely be a big choice, wide receiver would be the smart option for this pick. After trading top wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason to the Browns, the Giants will need somebody to fill his role. AJ Brown could be the likely choice but if DK Metcalf or Marquise Brown are still available during the pick I could see them going to the Giants. Brown had a great career at Ole Miss but was always under shadowed by DK Metcalf who is almost certain to be the first wideout to go in the draft.

18. Minnesota Vikings – Christian Wilkins /  Defensive Tackle / Clemson

Probably one of the most underestimated players in this draft would have to be Christian Wilkins, Wilkins was said to be most likely a top 25 pick. The 6’4, 315 pound beast from Clemson can easily be a powerhouse in the NFL. He has almost an identical build of Gerald McCoy and could easily be able to put up the same stats as him. They are also comparing him to another top tackle Ed Oliver, and have even had debate on Wilkins being drafted instead of Oliver.

19. Tennessee Titans – Jaylon Ferguson / Defensive End / Louisiana Tech

Now this is going to be a tough one for me, Ferguson had a stellar career at Louisiana Tech and is an easy top 30 pick. I think that he will though go number 19, but some teams just don’t think that he fits their scheme’s. Ferguson’s most likely options will be the Rams, Raiders, Titans, and even possibly the Ravens. But with the way things go, I think that he will fall to the Titans and can take up the end spot for the team.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Greedy Williams / Cornerback / LSU

Greedy Williams is going to be a real hit or miss in this draft, with some not even having him in the top 30 chosen, then others having him go top 15. I think that Williams would be a perfect fit for the Steelers and may finally give them a leader at the defensive back position. Williams would be the ideal cornerback for the Steelers to choose but if he goes early I could see them picking up Amani Oruwariye from Penn State. Two other positions that the Steelers could possibly fill would be wide receiver and gaining a linebacker.

21. Seattle Seahawks – Mack Wilson / Linebacker / Alabama

With stud Bobby Wagner having a great year at the linebacker position for the Seahawks, I feel that the team can get another great backer in Mack Wilson. This draft class has one position that is really impressive to me and that is the edge/linebacker position. We will see many first round picks in that position this year from Devin Bush to Devin White, and I think that Wilson will become another linebacker to go in the first round.

22. Baltimore Ravens – Johnathan Abram / Safety / Mississippi State

Over this offseason the Ravens lost veteran safety Eric Weddle to the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. That will leave a spot open for them to pick up Johnathan Abram from Mississippi State. Abram should be able to have a solid career and is compared to Keanu Neal from the Atlanta Falcons. He didn’t have a terrible 40 yard time running a 4.45. Overall I think he could be a great fit for the Ravens defense and is easily one of the top picks in his position.

23. Houston Texans – Noah Fant / Tight End / Iowa

Considered one of the top tight ends in this years draft would have to be Noah Fant from Iowa. Fant is easily considered a first round pick and will most likely fall in the top 25. Fant could be at a very good use for the Texans giving them a potential Pro Bowl type caliber from this tight end. In all honesty the Texans haven’t had to much success at the tight end position in recent years only to create a worn down Owen Daniels. So for Houston I hope than Fant would be the player that they draft and give some hope into that position.

24. Oakland Raiders (via Chicago Bears) – Byron Murphy / Cornerback / Washington

Now this is going to be an interesting player to look forward to, with Byron Murphy’s draft stock only going to increase. The Raiders, if playing their cards right, could possibly be gaining a chance to the playoffs this year. After gaining superstar Antonio Brown this offseason, while still having three first round picks, the Raiders could be a force to be reckoned with. That is why I think that they should pick up Byron Murphy, or even potentially Greedy Williams if available when they come to pick again.

25. Philadelphia Eagles – Cody Ford / Offensive Guard / Oklahoma

With the Eagles captain Jason Peters on the verge of retirement, his position on the O-line will be one to gain. Although Cody Ford is listed as a guard, he played some of the tackle position when at Oklahoma. Ford was one of top quarterback Kyler Murray’s key protectors on the line. His stature was everything you wanted in a star offensive lineman. He weighed roughly 340 pounds of pure muscle and was about 6’4. Ford has been looked down upon because of how impressive Jawaan Taylor has been.

26. Indianapolis Colts – Amani Oruwariye / Cornerback / Penn State

A player with unrealizable talent in this draft class would have to be Amani Oruwariye. At 6’1, Oruwariye was able to have 50 tackles in his senior year with the Nittany Lions along with seven combined interceptions between his senior and junior year.  Oruwariye was honestly expected to be a top second round pick at best, but I think that the Colts will be taking a shot at this kid. His height for a cornerback is what will be a big reason on why teams look at him, showing a bit over 2-3 inches of the average corner height.

27. Oakland Raiders (via Dallas Cowboys) – Garrett Bradbury / Center / NC State

Overall the top center in this years draft, Garrett Bradbury had a stellar career with his time at NC State. I think though with the Raiders options that Bradbury would be the best option to draft although their captain Rodney Hudson plays that position. Another option for the Raiders would be to simply just trade away the pick, because there are teams out their that could really use a good center. If the Raiders pick up Bradbury he will most likely be moved to the offensive tackle spot because of his overall quickness.

28. Los Angeles Chargers – Drew Lock / Quarterback / Missouri

With the Chargers longtime star quarterback Philip Rivers on the verge of retirement, the Chargers franchise will be looking for their next big QB. With that I think the team will most likely have three options, wait and draft rather Will Grier or Drew Lock, (unless if however Dwayne Haskins is still available somehow.) Trade up and get a better quarterback like Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins. Lastly, trade the whole pick overall and get some teams backup QB like Teddy Bridgewater. The only other option I could see the Bolts getting is a cornerback like Greedy Williams or Byron Murphy.

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Josh Jacobs / Running Back / Alabama

Easily the top if not one of the top running backs in this years draft would have to be Josh Jacobs from Alabama. From what I saw from Jacobs with the Crimson Tide, I think that he would be a good fit for any team in need of a running back. The Chiefs will need some help in the backfield after star running back Kareem Hunt was fired from the teams because he kicked and abused a woman. Hunt would later go to the Browns this offseason. Another good option would be Miles Sanders who was able to fill the shoes of soon to be great Saquon Barkley after he left Penn State to pursue his dreams in the NFL.

30. Green Bay Packers (via New Orleans Saints) – N’Keal Harry / Wide Receiver / Arizona State

One of the top wideouts in this impressive draft class would be N’Keal Harry. Harry would be a perfect fit for the Packers, because he would have all the help to develop him into a great wide receiver. He would be able to play with future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers and learn from a great veteran in his position Davante Adams. Harry did manage to put up impressive season while at Arizona State. Riley Ridley could also be another option for the Packers to pick up.

31. Los Angeles Rams – Greg Little / Offensive Tackle / Ole Miss

Yet another O lineman going in this draft, Greg Little will most likely go in the late first round or early second round. Most teams can always use some extra help from the big boys up front and think that, that is what the Rams will end up taking in this years draft. Little honestly wasn’t that bad with his time at Ole Miss and could be a key addition to the 2018-19 NFC Champions. Little could be a great addition to anybody’s team but I could overall see him go to the Rams.

32. New England Patriots – Will Grier / Quarterback / West Virginia

With the last pick in the first round will go to the 2018-19 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Without a doubt we all know that the great Tom Brady is edging up on retirement, and after the Pats big backup Jimmy Garoppolo went to become the 49ers star quarterback, I think it is time for the team to go shopping for their next big thing. So with that I think that they should draft Will Grier from West Virginia. Grier is a great option for a team in need of a quarterback and I think the Pats will give him a shot to be Brady’s replacement.

My Top 10 Notables:

  1. Miles Sanders / Running Back / Penn State
  2. Daniel Jones / Quarterback / Duke
  3. Riley Ridley / Wide Receiver / Georgia
  4. Clelin Ferrell / Defensive End / Clemson
  5. Irv Smith Jr. / Tight End / Alabama
  6. Jeffery Simmons / Defensive Tackle / Mississippi State
  7. Jachai Polite / Defensive End / Florida
  8. Deandre Baker / Cornerback / Georgia
  9. Rock Ya-Sin / Cornerback / Temple
  10. Devin Singletary / Running Back / Florida Atlantic