NCAA Wrestling Championships Part 2

NCAA Wrestling Championships Part 2

In the first part of this article, I talked about the weight classes of 125 – 157 pounds. Now, I will talk about the rest of the weight classes.

The following weight classes are:

165 pounds: Another weight class that people weren’t expecting. Mekhi Lewis of Virginia Tech just tore this bracket up and ultimately came out on top against Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State. As with Suriano and Ashnault, Lewis also made school history by being the first wrestler to win the NCAA Championship. They can now add Virginia Tech to the list of having a National Champion. Lewis went through some great wrestlers to get were he is today, the following are some of the people he beat: Cam Coy (UVA), Cael McCormick (ARMY), Alex Marinelli (IOWA), Evan Wick (WISC), and then Vincenzo Joseph (PSU). Mekhi came up with two of the biggest upsets, in my opinion, of the tournament. Even with the upset of Rivera, I still think this is the better one.

174 pounds: This is one of the better rivals in wrestling as of right now. Zahid Valencia and Mark Hall, both national champions, and this time Valencia comes out on top, once again. Zahid upset Hall last year and did it again this year. These were Valencia’s opponents on his way to victory: Dean Sherry (RID), Kimball Bastian (UVU), Ben Harvey (ARMY), Daniel Lewis (MIZZ), and then Mark Hall (PSU). As I said before, this is definitely a rivalry and one to keep an eye on.

184 pounds: Two more upsets in the tournament were in this weight class. Those being Myles Martin (OSU) and Shakur Rasheed (PSU). Martin was definitely looking for a National Championship, and he was almost there. He went through the following: Bob Coleman (ORST), Corey Hazel (LH), Ryan Preisch (LEH), but lost to Maxwell Dean (COR) in the semis. Everyone thought it was going to be Martin and Rasheed in the finals but Rasheed didn’t make it either. Here is who Rasheed wrestled: Kevin Parker (PRIN), and Chip Ness (UNC) who he lost to.

197 pounds: Everyone knew what this outcome would be, and it was Bo Nickal winning it all once again. Nickal is an animal but shows respect. Here were the “speedbumps” that Bo had to drive over: Ethan Laird (RID), Josh Hokit (FS), Nathan Traxler (STAN), Patrick Brucki (PRIN), and then finally Kollin Moore (OSU). This finals match was also a rematch of the Big Ten finals, whereas Nickal came out on top. Nickal is and was one of the most inspiring and greatest collegiate wrestler of my time. Yes, there were many great wrestlers who were better than Nickal but I didn’t grow up watching them in college. Also, to top his collegiate career off he won the Hodge Trophy this year. It is awarded to the most dominant wrestler of the year.

285 pounds: Anthony Cassar of Penn State came out on top in this weight class and to become a National Champion. This is his first Championship and one to remember. He bumped up two weight classes to make it to heavyweight. He lifted and had a diet of 10,000 calories a day, now that is a big boy diet. Here are the people who were standing in his way: Antonio Pelusi (FM), Tate Orndorff (UVU), Trent Hillger (WISC), Gable Steveson (MINN), and Derek White (OKST). He dominated his way to the championship; he was a senior but got a redshirt for another year, so he has a chance to win another trophy.