Student Feature – Ian Taylor


Name: Ian Taylor

Grade: 12th

I understand that you have developed a business using extreme couponing.  What do you call what you do?

Extreme Couponing/Personal Shopping

What inspired you to begin this business?   

Summer 2017 – I stumbled upon a YouTube video detailing how to get eight shampoos for free at CVS using coupons. I had heard of extreme couponing before but never really fully understood it.  I went to the store, did that deal, which worked out perfectly, and it all exploded from there.

Explain the process.

How many coupons?

  • I get coupons online or from Sunday papers. Coupons come in various inserts, and I typically get about 10 sets of inserts per week.   If the coupons are worthwhile,  I then go out shopping, combining sales, store coupons, and manufacturer coupons.  I can leave stores actually making money when buying a cart full of items.

How do you deliver the product?

  • I store product in my house and people come shop, or I take it somewhere else to have a sale.  On occasion, a customer will give me a list of items he/she needs, and I will deliver it.

Where do you go for the product?

  • I make a trip to Pittsburgh at least once a week to go to multiple Walgreens and Target stores.  I also shop heavily at Rite Aid and CVS. Stores like Walmart, Dollar General, and Giant Eagle also have deals from time to time that I take advantage of.

How many customers do you have?

I have about 10-15 regular customers.  I have big sales periodically, and they come to those or even to my house to pick up items.

How long have you had this business/service?

I have done extreme couponing since summer 2017 but started heavily getting into reselling in summer 2018.  I have also started an Instagram page (@ian_coupons) where I share deals with approximately 1,300 followers.

Do you  plan on continuing this business during your  college years? After?

I would like to continue this while I am at college, as it is something I love to do. It helps me earn extra income, and I am not tied to a specific time schedule.

What are your plans after graduation?   

I will attend Duquesne University majoring in business.

What clubs and organizations have you been a member/officer?

FBLA – Treasurer

What are your other interests and hobbies? 

Traveling, Politics

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?   

I see myself owning a large business with plans to expand.