Reichard Wins Promposal Contest!

Let’s TACO ’bout PROM!

Congratulations to Senior Ethan Reichard for winning the The Bark‘s Promposal Contest.    Ethan and his date Megan Gourley will receive free tickets to the prom, a value of approximatley $60!  The Bark extends its thanks to all those who submitted promposals for the contest.  Ethan and Megan shared their promposal experience with us.

Promposer – Ethan Reichard:

Describe in detail how you asked.

I took a picture of myself, some chocolates, and a note that said “Let’s TACO ’bout Prom!” and I wrapped

it up in a tortilla. Basically, a promposal burrito.

Why did you choose this person to ask?

I’ve known her all my life and there’s nobody I would be more thrilled to go with.

Where did you get the inspiration for the promposal idea?

I wanted to think of a way to make the promposal unique, but not “too much.” So I thought… “TACOS”

What relationship do you have with this person?

Megan is a close friend I have known pretty much all of my life.


Promposee – Megan Gourley:

Give your side of the story. Why do you think your date asked you?

I don’t know…because he wanted to go with a close friend and so here we are.

Describe in detail how you were asked and how you felt.

I was at lunch and Ethan handed me a thing wrapped in foil and said he found it on the floor. He told me to open and I asked why.   So, Owen (Fricko) opened it, and it said, “Let’s taco ’bout prom”.  I was excited and confused at first, but then I realized what was happening and said yes.

Did you have any suspicions that you were going to be asked?

Nope. None at all.

Why should you win the contest?

Because, a taco to promenade keeps the party going all night long!