A Freak of BBall Nature: Noah Farrakhan



Noah Farrakhan is from Union, NJ. He is a  6′ 1″ 155lb guard at IMG Academy. Noah Moved from his home town to a place called Bradenton, FL where IMG Academy is located. IMG is in the top 5 basketball schools in the country, in my opinion. It is good that he went from New Jersey down to Florida. Most of the athletes that go to that school usually go to D1 and D2 schools or maybe even D3 schools.

Farrakhan has strengths. When you’re playing against him, you better be ready for his speed because he will use his athleticism to jump up on contact and dunk on you, or he will pull-up for the mid-range jump shot.  His ball-handling is hands down the best.   He dribbles the ball very quickly. He fakes you out by making you think he’s going one way. Farrakhan is really good at changing the pace of the game. At one point in a game the tempo might be really fast  and the next minute your playing basketball how he wants to play it, fast or slow. His ability to create plays on the court is remarkable. He knows what plays will work against any defense such as man-to-man, 23-zone, 32-zone, and, honestly, any defense you play against him, he will score.

Farrakhan has work to do in order to reach the next level in his career. He needs to work on is his 3-pt shooting the most. In the NBA now, every team shoots from the three, even the big men developed a 3-point jump shot.  He needs to build his upper body strength, or else he will be going up against people who are a lot stronger than he is. If Farrakhan works on his shooting,  he will be a freak in the league.

IMG played in the GEICO National Championship. This was their second appearance in the championship, and with a win over La Lumiere (65-55) this win was their first championship in school history. This was not a high scoring game for Farrakhan. He finished the game going 2-4 FG;  100% from the three ball 1-1, and had 3 rebounds, and 2 assists. Again, not a high scoring game by him, but he did contribute to the win.

With improvement, Farrakhan will be a really really good point guard his freshman year–mark my words. I do not know for sure where where he is going to be in college but schools offering scholarships include Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Virginia Commonwealth, and Virginia Tech. I would like to see him go to my favorite team, which is the University of North Carolina (UNC), but I do not think that is going to happen.