Q & A with UFC Bantamweight Fighter Manny Bermudez


The Bantamweight fighter from Boston, Massachusetts, Manny Bermudez has been a pretty solid fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Bermudez has started training at the age of thirteen when he started to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Before he came to the UFC, Bermudez was fighting in the Cage Titan, Classic Entertainment, and other sports promotions.   When he came out of the sports promotions he was 11-0.    Since then he picked up 3 more wins all within the UFC. He started his career in his first ever match against Albert Morales, where he won by guillotine choke in round two of the fight. Then Manny went and beat Davey Grant by a triangle choke in his next fight. He then went and beat Benito Lopez on January 26, 2019, by a nice submission.

Q: You have to compete in one of the hardest, most physical sports in the world. What is that like?
A: MMA is definitely a hard sport to be in. I grew up with it though, and for me, being able to compete at the highest level feels great. It’s something that I’ve been chasing for a huge part of my life.

Q: You already have 14 wins under your belt. Is there anything you do special after you win?
A: After I win, I love to take little vacations wherever it is that I fight. Most fighters in the UFC fly home the day after the fight. I like to go around, try the local food, and meet the people in the area. It’s a lot of fun and an experience that I’m surprised more people don’t take advantage of.

Q: Knowing you are in a league with some tough competitors, are there any in particular that you would want to fight?
A: I called out another up and coming guy, Sean O’Malley. He’s undefeated, and I think that we would be a great fight for the public to see. It’s not often that you get two young and dangerous guys like us trying to fight to break into top rankings.

Q: People have given you the nickname “The Bermudez Triangle”.  Where did that whole nickname come from?
A: There’s a move called a “triangle choke”, which I coincidentally am good at. I’ve won a bunch of fights with it, and then having the last name that I do, it just fit.

Q: What style of fighting that you prefer? Kickboxing, wrestling, boxing, judo?
A: I love learning it all.  Most of my wins have been via chokes though. Every fight I try to use every style to make it easier for me to be able to choke people out though.

Q: Last question:  To any kid out there who has hopes of making it pro, what is your advice for them?
A: Most of the success I’ve had has been from surrounding myself with a good team, trusting in people that I know care about my well being, and just training hard and consistently. Not every day has to be a super tough one, but being able to keep training, even when life gets in the way, is what separates the people that are going to last from the people that aren’t.