Tebow Time


Photo created by Kolby Barrett

Growing up, one of my favorite athletes overall was Tim Tebow. Tebow was an awesome role model for me as a football player. Whether being a vocal Christian leader or a leader on the football or baseball field, Tebow was a great influence on the people he was around. Tebow has done much in the sports world, from playing professional football and baseball to even finding time to write his own book. Something thing that most people don’t know is that he was born in the Philippines while his parents were on a missionary trip.  Doctors predicted that Tebow would be stillborn and recommended an abortion. Fortunately, due to the Tebow’s beliefs, they decided to keep the child.  Tebow also has dyslexia, which he considers a blessing and a struggle that he just had to overcome. 

In high school Tebow attended Ponte Florida Nease after coming back from the Philippines. Tebow was the 2007 Heisman winner with the University of Florida. One of his greatest moments in his time with football has to be during the 2008 National Champions with Florida, where he won the Offensive MVP.  He was able to participate in two National Championships (2006 and 2008) with his time at Florida. Tebow was an outstanding player in college and was a hopeful to be the next great quarterback.

Tebow was able to have some solid time while in the NFL, having a memorable game against the Steelers in an overtime win in the playoffs that most Denver fans remember. Tebow is best-known for being on the Broncos.  Tebow was an exciting player to watch, especially when with the Broncos. In fact, he had just under 1,000 rushing yards and he threw 2,422 yards. Currently, he has had some decent time playing with the Mets and is still hoping to be brought up to the majors.

Tebow has had his fair share of time in sports culture, but has also ventured into the writing world with his many books, including his most famous book Shaken. Shaken is about being a great role model and becoming a bigger and better leader on and off the field.  Tebow has also recently released a movie, Run the Race. Run the Race is about a football allstar who tries to gain a scholarship and make his way to the big leagues.   Tebow also is a host  for College Gameday during the college football season.

 Tebow has lead his own missionary trips and devotes a lot of his money to charity.  He also has his own foundation https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/ where the money goes to supporting kids and teens with sever disabilities. Tebow organizes a prom experience for these teens who would not be able to attend one at a public school. Tebow has given these kids a sense of hope when most people would put them down.  Tim Tebow  has lived the best life and is a great role model for any kid that wants to go pro for sports.