Musician Monday: Emily Neiswonger


Name: Emily Neiswonger                        Grade: 7

Are you in band, choir, or both?

I am in both.

What instrument(s) do you play?   What part do you sing?

I play the tenor saxophone and I sing soprano in choir.

To what bands/choirs do you belong to at RVHS?   Outside of school?

At school I m involved in choir, band, jazz band, and the musical.

How many years have you been playing in band or singing in choir?

I have been in band for 4 years and I have been singing for 3 years.

Do you participate in any other musical activities? 

I participate in the musical.

Are you in any other extra curricular activities?

I play soccer.

How are you planning to keep music in your life after you graduated high school? 

My goal is to go to college and major in music.

What is your favorite song? 

My favorite song is Mercy by Mercyme

What is your favorite band?

My favorite band would have to be orchestras.

Who is your musical influence and why?

Mrs. McIntire is my role model because I want to be able to play the piano like she does and sing both parts perfectly.

What awards or recognitions have you received in the high school? 

I have received an award for the musical and districts for both band and choir.