The End of an Era: AB to the Raiders


Photo Created by Kolby Barrett

Well, it’s official–the Pittsburgh Steelers have traded their top wide receiver, Antonio Brown, to the Oakland Raiders. They were able to trade Brown for quite under his value, trading him for a 3rd and 5th round pick. Not to mention that the Steelers traded Martavis Bryant to the Raiders not long ago for a third round pick. Something that upsets me in all of this is the Raiders had three first-round picks that they didn’t have to give up.

However, this may give Steeler fans a bit of hope because the stand-out team MVP Juju Smith-Schuster posted on his instagram ¨I’m Ready¨ meaning he is ready to take the lead role that Brown once had. Juju is one of the Steelers’ second round draft picks, coming out of USC.

Brown, although leaving to go to Oakland, has given some good moments to the city of Pittsburgh. He has many accomplishments, from becoming the best wide receiver in the NFL, as a sixth round pick, to having the game-winning Immaculate Reception against the Ravens on Christmas night. From awesome touchdown celebrations to kicking the Browns’ kicker in the face as a hurdle, Antonio Brown has been an exciting player to watch for in Steeler Nation. I wish him the best of luck in his new home.