Musician Monday-Carly Over


Carly Over on the right.

Name: Carly Over                                                         Grade: 11

Are you in band, choir, or both?

I am in both.

What instrument(s) do you play?     What part do you sing?

I play the euphonium in band, and sing soprano in choir.

To what bands/choirs do you belong at RVHS?   Outside of school?

At school, I am involved in concert and select choir, and concert band. Outside of school I play in the RV Community Band.

How long have been playing in the band or singing in choir?

I have been in band for 7 years, and choir for 6.

Do you participate in any other musical activities? 

I do the school musical every year, and I am also involved with the Brookville Community Theater summer productions.

Are you in any other extra curricular activities (sports, clubs)?

I am in Student Council, Bible Club, and I stat for track.

How are you planning to keep music in your life after you graduate high school?

When I go to college, I plan to play in my college’s band and sing in their choir, along with possibly minoring in theater.

What is your favorite song?

That’s a tough one. It changes all the time, but as of right now I’ve been obsessed with the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack.

What is your favorite band?

Fleetwood Mac

Who is your musical influence, and why?

Stephanie J. Block. She is an amazingly talented broadway actress, who always promotes kindness over anything else. I aspire to be as talented and accomplished as her some day.

What awards or recognitions have you received in the high school?

I have gone to county band, autumn symphonic winds, District 3 Band, and I made it to Region 2 band last year. Vocally, I have gone to District 3 Choir as a Soprano 1, and have had supporting leads in the musicals for 3 years now.