300 Club

Thanks to all of the local businesses and organizations that have supported the Redbank Sports Boosters, our school was able to put up a display in the fitness hallway right outside the main gym containing the names of those students who earned a place in the 300 Club.

Mr. Rex started the 300 club in 2003 to recognize students that achieve a weight-lifting goal. To verify that the student either benches 300 on the chart or 300 on one rep, he has to witness it. Any student in the school can participate in making the club. The closest female to make the club was Gretchen Colwell in 2004, benching 230 pounds. Mr. Rex says that if someone wants to be a member, they have to work hard and have a good work ethic.

Good job to all of the guys that have made it onto the board and good luck to all that are trying! We are looking forward to adding many more names to it!