Dan Kolov Wrestling Tournament

Dan Kolov Wrestling Tournament

This was another big matchup, not just between Russia and the United States, but between two wrestlers themselves. Jordan Burroughs (USA) and Frank Chamizo (ITA) went at each other once again, and this time Burroughs came out on top. This match was highly anticipated by everyone from every country. Jordan ultimately wins 9-2 in the second round. At the break, Burroughs led 3-2, but once they came back, he opened up with a blast double worth four points. Jordan can now rep a 3-1 history against Frank. Burroughs won at the 2018 World Championships, in the bronze-medal bout, and in the Super Match at the 2018 Beat, the Streets Benefit in New York. Chamizo got revenge at the finals of the 2018 Yasar Dogu International in Turkey. The King is not done yet, however.

Here are the results from every wrestler that represented the United States:

57 kg


Thomas Gilman (TMWC/Hawkeye WC)

LOSS Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria), 6-5

Josh Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC)

LOSS Ahmet Duman (Turkey), 5-3

61 kg


Joe Colon (MWC/Valley RTC) – 5th

WIN Saleh Eddine Kateb (Algeria), tech fall 10-0

WIN Recep Topal (Turkey), 8-2

LOSS Nurislam Sanayev (Kazakhstan), tech fall 13-2

LOSS Aryian Tiutrin (Russia), tech fall 13-3

65 kg


Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids/Finger Lakes RTC) – SILVER

WIN Agustin Destribats (Argentina), 3-3

WIN Bernard Futrell (USA), tech. fall 10-0

WIN Evan Henderson (USA), tech. fall 12-1

WIN Selahattin Kilicsallayan (Turkey), 9-1

LOSS Bajrang Punia (India)

Bernard Futrell (TMWC/Pennsylvania RTC) – BRONZE

WIN Vasyl Shuptar (Ukraine), 10-6

LOSS Jordan Oliver, tech fall, 10-0

WIN Agustin Destribats (Argentina), 8-0

WIN Evan Henderson (USA), tech. fall 10-0

WIN Selahattin Kilicsallayan (Turkey), tech fall 16-6

Evan Henderson (TMWC/NYRTC)

WIN Junsik Yun (Korea), 10-3

WIN Andrei Perpelita (Moldova), 3-2

LOSS Jordan Oliver (USA), tech. fall 12-1

LOSS Bernard Futrell (USA), tech. fall 10-0

70 kg


James Green (Sunkist Kids/Nebraska WTC) – BRONZE

WIN Evghenii Volkov (Romania), tech. fall 10-0

LOSS Anzor Zakuev (Russia), 4-3

WIN Haithem Dakhlaoui (Tunisia), tech. fall 12-2

WIN Andriy Kyvatkovskyy (Ukraine), injury default

Frank Molinaro (TMWC/Oklahoma RTC) – 5th

WIN Mehmet Karaca (Turkey), tech fall 12-2

LOSS Ilias Bekbulatov (Russia), 4-0

WIN Sirojiddin Khasanov (Uzbekistan), 10-2

LOSS Viktor Rassadin (Russia), 15-10

74 kg


Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska WTC) – GOLD

WIN Jitender (India), 9-0

WIN Frank Chamizo (Italy), 9-1

WIN Abylaikhan Nursultanov (Kazakhstan), injury default

WIN Ali Umarpashaev (Bulgaria), 7-2

WIN Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Uzbekistan), 4-3

79 kg


Alex Dieringer (TMWC/Cowboy RTC) – GOLD

WIN Muhammet Nuri Kotanoglu (Turkey), tech. fall 11-0

WIN Zaur Efendiev (Serbia), tech fall 10-0

WIN Nika Kentchadze (Georgia), 6-0

WIN Omarakhab Nazhmudinov (Romania), tech. fall 10-0

86 kg


Nick Heflin (Titan Mercury WC/Oklahoma RTC)

WIN Abdurasul Vakhobov (Uzbekistan), 7-6

WIN Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland), pin

LOSS Ali Shabanau (Belarus), tech. fall 10-0

LOSS Akhmed Aibuev (France), 8-1

92 kg


Riley LeFever (Nittany Lion WC)

LOSS Irakli Mtsituri (Georgia), 8-1

LOSS Suleyman Karadeniz (Turkey), 8-4

Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack RTC) – BRONZE

WIN Istvan Vereb (Hungary), 6-2

LOSS Magomed Kurbanov (Russia), 3-2

WIN Mohammed Fardj (Algeria), injury default

97 kg


Kyle Snyder (TMWC/Ohio RTC) – GOLD

WIN Ty Walz (USA), tech. fall 12-1

WIN Murazi Mchedlidze (Ukraine), 8-5

WIN Baki Sahin (Turkey), 11-0

WIN Valeri Andriitsev (Ukraine), 4-0


LOSS Kyle Snyder (USA), tech fall 12-1

LOSS Murazi Mchedlidze (Ukraine) 6-1

Kevin Beazley (CKRTC)

LOSS Zviad Metreveli (Georgia), 6-0

125 kg


Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC/Wolfpack WC)

WIN Robert Baran (Poland), 4-1

WIN Fatih Cakiroglu (Turkey), 6-0

LOSS Parviz HadiBashmanj (Iran), 5-2

LOSS Zhiwei Deng (China), 7-5

Michael Kosoy (Sunkist Kids WC)

LOSS Parviz HadiBashmanj (Iran), tech fall 10-0

LOSS Zhiwei Deng (China), 4-1

All information about the line-ups and how the wrestlers did were found on FloWrestling and TeamUSA, here are some links.