App Review

App Review

App Name: Twitter

Category: News

Age: 17+

Rating: 4.3

Developer: Twitter, Inc

Twitter is an app that you can express your feelings and share your opinion. It is an online news and social media network.  Users communicate by tweeting. Tweeting is posting a short message for anyone that follows. It is popular because of “how scan-friendly it is.” Every tweet is limited to 280 characters or less so it’s easy to take a glance at someone’s post. Twitter works by signing up with a free account and your name. Then, you can post as many tweets as you want in any period of time. Why do people tweet? People tweet for many different reasons–to show opinions, to express your feelings, or even out of boredom. You can also retweet posts if you find them relatable or funny. Twitter is a combination of  instant messaging, blogging, and texting.