Family/Consumer Sciences (Home Economics) Electives

DEPARTMENT:  Family & Consumer Sciences (Home Economics)


Course Name:  Career Options

Grade(s):   10  11 12            Course Length:  Semester                Credits: 0.5                  Prerequisite(s): None

Description: Students will gain valuable knowledge about themselves, schooling, and work places. Hands on training to research and apply to colleges/universities and entry level jobs. Interview skills, soft skills, work ethics, and office & computer skills will be discussed and effectively used. Goals of Course: Students will gain insight about their skills and personality type. Determine which path is applicable and research the career path. Narrow their career choices and learn all about the career and schooling. Complete an application for an entry level job and/or a college. Research entry level job requirements, college requirements, and/or military options. Successfully complete an interview. Establish a career portfolio.

Course Name:  Child Development

Grades(s):  10  11 12           Course Length:  1 Year                    Credits: 1.0                      Prerequisite:  None

Description:   This course outlines the stages of development pre-birth to adulthood.  Healthy practices including proper nutrition and parenting skills are covered.  The students have the opportunity to use robotic infants to simulate the responsibilities of being a parent.


Course Name:  Foods 1

Grade(s):  9   10 11  12   Course Length:  Semester              Credits: 0.5                      Prerequisite: None

Description:  This elective is designed to help students build a strong foundation in wise food choices.  With an emphasis on nutrition, students develop basic competencies in family food planning, purchasing, and preparation.  


Course Name:  Foods 2

Grade(s):   9  10 11  12   Course Length:  Semester              Credits: 0.5                       Prerequisite(s): Foods and You

Description:  This course strives to familiarize the student with the latest technology in foods.  The emphasis is on preparation techniques as applied to microwaving, outdoor cooking, and regional and ethnic foods, while strengthening consumer awareness.    


Course Name:  ServSafe

Grade(s):     10  11 12          Course Length:  Semester                Credits: 0.5                       Prerequisite(s): None

Description:  This course will allow you the option to receive your ServSafe certification. ServeSafe is defined as “a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection. Sanitation certification is required by most restaurants as a basic credential for their management staff.” The cost to receive your certification is $15.00, you can chose to take this course for 0.5 credit but not pay to receive your certification.   


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