Freshman Year on The Court

Freshman Year on The Court

Not going to lie, as a freshman coming into this basketball season I was really excited. I was playing one of my favorite sports with all my friends. How can you not be excited? There were many good memories with the people I love. I have been playing basketball for my whole life.   I want to thank my coaches for teaching how to be a better basketball player and to be a better person, as well. I want to thank my teammates for pushing me to do more and more in practice.

My favorite memory this year would be when Nick broke a school record with a 49 point game against Venango Catholic. It was great being a part of that moment. He could not miss–shot after shot after shot was going in the hoop. The best part was Nick did not know he was about to break a record.   We, as a team, did not want to tell him, so when he broke it, we cheered  loudly.   I think I lost my voice after that game.

Another favorite moment this year was scoring my first varsity points against West Forest.  I scored 4 points, I believe. That was pretty cool.  I got to feel what it was like playing on the big stage.  This is where every little detail in the game matters because you could be winning by a lot, but the next thing you know, you turn the ball over and over and over, and the other team is winning by five. When we played against Clarion, I made two 3-pointers; that was really, really cool!

Being in any playoff game is crazy and wild. On the other hand, losing your voice in the game is not crazy or wild. Witnessing all the stands full of people who want you to win and people who want you to lose, really gets your adrenaline running through your whole body. Imagine playing in the game.   It would be great and scary at the same time.

Even though I only played a year with these seniors, I am really going to miss them. Some of them I have known them all my life; some I have gotten to know this year, but still they are like brothers to me.   It was a great experience to play with them, and I hope they find what they are looking for in life.  For me, I am ready for next season already!

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