Penn State Vs Ohio State


Penn State versus Ohio State is probably one of the bigger, if not the biggest, rivalries in the Big 10 Conference. This includes all sports: Wrestling, football, track, etc. On paper, this looked like a close matchup between No. 1 Penn State and No. 2 Ohio State (No. 6 now). However, it was all but a close match up this time. The final score of the match ended up being 28-9 PSU. I guess you could say that there is a rivalry here, but if Penn State keeps on winning, is there really a rivalry between anyone? I think there is a rivalry, but that is my opinion on it. You can argue that there is no rivalry since Penn State hasn’t lost a match for seven years, but before that Penn State had a rocky road. That is where you get the rivalry from. You get it from the history of the wrestling program, that is the foundation. Enough talk about rivalries, let’s breakdown what went wrong for the Buckeyes.

Their first loss of the night came at 133 pounds. Roman Bravo-Young electrified the Penn State bench and fans when he defeated No. 6, Luke Pletcher. The first period was scoreless but Bravo-Young changed that to 1-0 in the second. Pletcher then escaped at the beginning of the third and tied it at 1-1. Pletcher failed to match him escape-for-escape in OT, so Bravo-Young ultimately ends up winning 2-1.

The 141-pound bout was just as exciting if not more when No. 5 Nick Lee earned a hard-fought 7-6 win on a last-second takedown over Ohio State‚Äôs No. 2 Joey McKenna. Lee trailed the entire match, and when he did go for a match-tying takedown in the second period, the call was overturned. McKenna then hit him with another takedown at the end of the second period, giving him a 5-2 lead, but Lee wasn’t done the fighting. A third -period escape and takedown combo from Lee tied the match, even though McKenna escaped which gave him a 6-5 lead, Lee came in for the winner with seconds left to wrestle. He scored a final takedown to clinch a 7-6 win over Joey McKenna.

The Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal show have swept the wrestling season and it didn’t stop for Ohio State. Both incredible athletes ended up earning Penn State bonus points during their dual. Nolf with a technical fall and Nickal with a fall. These two will definitely be neck and neck for the Hodge Trophy at the end of the year. Nolf wrestled No. 6 Ke-Shawn Hayes. Nolf gained a speedy lead and ultimately defeated Hayes by 21-5 tech fall 5:51 into the match. Nolf’s match should have been easier than Nickal’s… On paper that is.

Nickal (No. 1) vs. Kollin Moore (No. 2) should have been a lengthy match and a little bit more difficult than Nolf’s, but never underestimate Bo because… Bo knows! He defies any bad expectations that are put on him every single time he puts on the Penn State singlet. The defending national champ one-upped his dominant and incredible teammate’s tech fall when he trapped Moore in a cradle. That was all she wrote. Once Bo puts you in a cradle, you are done for. He pinned him 1:38 into the match and sealed the deal for the team before the heavyweight and 125-pound matches.