RV Smash – Club Feature

Mr. Terwilliger

Club Feature

Mr. Terwilliger – RV Smash


Who is the adviser of the club?

Mr. Terwilliger


What is the club called? What do you do? What is your goal?

RV Smash. We meet every Friday during Activity Period until 4:30 PM. Students play Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch. We have free for all matches and we also do a few tournaments. I started this club as an outlet for students who enjoy video games and play them very well. We all have different talents and in this digital age,   eSports or video game competitions are getting more popular. I wanted to give the students at RV a way to showcase that talent.

Are there requirements to be in the club?

Students must review and sign a rule list/agreement. This ensures that my Nintendo devices, as well as other students’ gaming devices will be safe. Students must also be eligible to participate by following the grading policy for extra curricular activities


Are there officers if so who?

We do not have any officers as of yet. That is to be determined.


How was the club created?

I received permission from Mrs. Rupp to create the club after expressing my belief that video games can be used as a positive influence.


When and where do you meet?

In the band room on Fridays during Activity Period until 4:30 PM.

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