App Review: Pokemon Go

App Review: Pokemon Go

App Name:  Pokémon GO

Category: Games

Ages: 9+

Rating: 3.9

Developer: Niantic, Inc.

This app allows you to travel to different places while you try to catch types of Pokémon. Pokémon GO takes your location and makes Pokémon best fit for your area. If you’re near a beach, Pokémon GO will send water Pokémon your way.  What’s cool about this app is the fact that you can collect eggs from going to poké stops, which are 1- 15 kilometers apart. I have this game myself, and I love it. You can catch Pokémons and train them.  Afterwards when you travel, you can walk past gyms in real life, and the game senses it.You can submit your Pokémon to the gym, and they will be used to battle other people. You can team up with your friends.