District Musical Festivals Are Here!!

District Musical Festivals Are Here!!

Dylan Donine, Staff Writer

January 8-10th is the date saved by few Redbank students for the District 3 Band festival. Having to learn seven different pieces of music ahead of time, Scarlett Greenawalt, Ryan Moore and Dylan Donine will be representing RVHS at this festival. They will all be auditioning at the start of the festival for a chance make a seat placement for the Region Band festival that occurs in February. It doesn’t matter much if they make a placement or not, the district festival will still be a great achievement in itself.

Much like the process of the band festival, the District 3 Choir Festival will be held on January 22-24. Rachel Hook, Erin Kunselman, Dylan Donine, Ryan Moore and Tristan Keller will all be representing RVHS at this event. They were required to learn a whopping 10 different songs, three of which were in a different language, to have prepared and ready to sing as soon as they get to the festival. These students also will have to audition two random songs out of the ten they have been given for the chance to go to the Region Choir festival within the next two months.

Auditioning for the Region festivals is actually a requirement at Districts, whether you want to attend Regions or not. Out of every section of instruments and every voice part, only a select few (less than half) of the people attending Districts will be able to advance to the Region festivals. Of course, you do not have to go to Regions if you don’t want to; that just gives more people a better chance of getting in. Still, though, auditioning can be a very scary and nerve-wracking experience. If you don’t prepare your music ahead of time and learn it, chances are you will not do well at auditions and you will not advance on. If you don’t make it to Regions, you still stay for Districts and have a fun time by meeting new people and getting to play music.  If you do make it on, though, you will have to audition for State Band and Choir at Regionals.

Whether the students representing RVHS at these festivals continue on to the Region festivals or not, the District festivals are still an amazing achievement that not many experience. District concerts are full of some of the most talent kids around, which makes for beautiful music, a fun time, and an exceptional learning experience.