Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi Face-Off


On Thursday January 3, 2019, the House elected Representative Nancy Pelosi of California as Speaker of the House.  Pelosi is the first woman to hold the post.  Since Pelosi got reelected as Speaker of the House she can now have the right, if she wanted to, to open impeachment on Trump. When she was sworn in last Thursday, she talked about the middle class, combating climate change, shielding children brought to the US by undocumented parents, gender equality, and opening up government.

The House then moved onto another topic, which was President Trump and his wall. The House then refused  funding for a border wall, and as a result, President Trump refuses to sign a budget which caused the current 24-day shut down of the government.

Donald Trump and Pelosi met face to face to discuss the wall and the government shutdown.   Trump walked out of the meeting; he called it “A total waste of time” because of the talks with the congressional Democrats.  Pelosi said, “I think the meeting was a set-up, so he could walk out.”  She called the walkout “unpresidential”.   Pelosi thinks that the president doesn’t even want the wall; instead he just wants to debate on the wall, to create drama  with the Democrats.  The Democrats said that Trump was only hurting struggling federal workers, and he’s not trying hard enough to negotiate while the government shutdown still continues on.

Although the House Democrats are continuing to vote on spending bills next week to reopen some parts of the government,  Trump is refusing to sign the bills until he has $5.7 billion to build his wall.