Art Trip

Here is a student working on their bracelet.

On Wednesday, December 5, Mr. Hartle  took his Art 2, 3, and 4 elcetive Art Classes to the Brockway Center of Art and Technology. The Art trip lasted all day on Wednesday, December 5. The students left the school at 8:15 am. They returned to the school around 3:00 pm. The trip was no cost for the students. The Center also provided the students with lunch. The two classes that the students took at the Center were metals and ceramics. In metals, the students made a bracelet, a pendent, and some of the students got to make smooshed pennies if they wanted to. The students got to take home their creations that they made in metals. In ceramics, the students learned how to use a pottery wheel and they learned different techniques to create their  type of pottery. The Center will be dropping off the students pottery at the school soon, so that way the students can take home their pottery and give it to their loved ones over Christmas break.