New Faces of Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team


Mackenzie Pence, Assistant Editor

The Varisty Girls’ Basketball program has undergone many new changes this year, including the new additions to the coaching staff. Amy (Hepler) Twigg, a Redbank Girls’ Basketball Alumni, has taken the reigns as the new head coach, along with another Redbank alumni, Jenna (Gruver) Doverspike, and Will Huebner as her assistants. Eager to see how things are going for the season, I talked with the coaches one night after a practice to ask them a couple questions.

Amy Twigg:
Q:  Do you like being the Head Coach?

A:  Yes, I’m very glad that I took the opportunity.

Q:  Are the Players warming up to you?

A:  It seems like it. I think things are going very well.

Q:  Do you think you’ll have a winning season?

A:  Yes, we are hoping so, and planning for that to happen!

Q:  When did you play basketball and what position?

A:  I played here at Redbank, and I was a guard.


Jenna Doverspike:

Q:  When did you play basketball and what position?

A:  I played at Redbank and I was also a guard.


Will Huebner:

Q:  When did you play basketball and what position?

A:  I didn’t play in high school; I was 300 pounds so that wasn’t happening. I played on the practice team in college.


I also talked with some of the players to see how they think the season is going to go with the new coaching staff.

Q:  How do you like the new coaches?

A:  Sam Landers, Junior: I love them. They are so awesome!

     Brooke Hinderliter, Junior: I like them.

     Kaelyn Gruver, Senior: I like them. it was a big adjustment, but I’m glad to have them.

Q:  Are you having fun this year?

A:    Sam: I am. I love my teammates.

       Brooke: Yeah. We are 5-0, so it’s been a good year so far.

       Kaelyn: Yes.

Q:  Do you have confidence in your coaches to keep having a winning season?

A:  Sam: Yes. The show grace under pressure.

      Brooke: Of course I do! I have confidence we’ll win every game.

      Kaelyn: Yes I do. They are doing a great job.

So, as it seems to many of the players and the coaches, the Redbank Girls’ Basketball team is going to have a fun, intense, and successful season.