Clarion County Career Center Trip

All pictures taken by Mr. Fricko

The Redbank Valley Freshman along with Union, Clarion Limestone, and the North Clarion Freshman were invited to visit the Clarion County Career Center on Tuesday, November 20.

While at the Career Center, these ninth graders got to explore different programs offered, such as, allied health science, automotive technology, computer networking, construction technology, cosmetology styling academy, culinary arts and hospitality, diesel technology, police science, welding and fabrication, and cooperative education. Showing the freshman different varieties of the work fields helped a few them choose what they might do in the future. Each student was able to travel around to each part of the career center. They could look at the things that the 10, 11, and 12th graders get to do every day.

The career center helps those who have a certain idea of what they want to do after high school. A common misunderstanding is that students who attend this program don’t go to college. While this is often the case, few still have a need for higher education in order to further their career.

Before arriving a number of students didn’t envision themselves attending this program; however, touring the Career Center was beneficial for some to realize what career lies in front of them. The students who choose this early path will have no problem finding a job immediately following high school.