Teacher Feature: Mr. Gold


Blane Gold (Center) at Los Angeles missions trip with Scott Toth on the left and Brock Barrett on the right.

Mr. Blane Gold was a graduate of the 2007 class at Franklin Area High School in Franklin, PA. After high school he received his bachelors in Social Studies Secondary Education at Grove City College.  Mr. Gold then attended California University of Pennsylvania in 2016 where he  received his masters in School Leadership.  He became certified as a K-12 principal in 2018.  Mr. Gold said, “My number goal as a teacher is to profoundly impact the lives of the next generation.” This statement really stood out to me as a student, is the fact that their is someone that I feel is looking out for me.

The classes that Mr. Gold teaches are AP Government, Economics, Government, Psychology, and Sociology. Mr. Gold’s favorite moments at Redbank have been his classroom discussions.  He is also very proud at what he has witnessed at Search for Work Day, getting to see all of his students grow each and every year.  An issue that  Mr. Gold feels very strongly about is the fact that people who enter the work force and or a trade school should have more opportunities with their life and should be offered more job choices. Gold stated,  “I feel that our society pushes college way too much and does not adequately value the contributions of those entering the workforce or attending a trade school.” 

Mr. Gold has also been a coach for the varsity baseball team, junior high basketball, and has lead the Search for Work Day.  In high school and in college, Mr. Gold played football.  When coming to Redbank, he became a coach for the varsity team. While growing up,Mr. Gold always had dreams of going to the NFL. Then in ninth grade he realized an NFL career  would not be possible with his capabilities on the field, so he decided that he would impact other student athletes by becoming a coach.

In his spare time, Gold really enjoys exercise and lifting. He also loves to travel , especially when he and his wife Jen travel internationally.   Some of his travels include work in the missionary field.  Gold has attended many trips, going to Costa Rica, Los Angeles, and Haiti seven times. Within his six years of being a teacher at Redbank Valley, his most favorite experience was taking two of his former student/athletes (Scott Toth and Brock Barrett) on a mission trip to Los Angeles. This lead the two of his students to grow mentally and spiritually.

When asked what career path he would have chosen if teaching was not an option,  Gold said that he would have most likely been a doctor because he loves the challenge and the opportunity of helping others.

From teacher to coach, you can ask anyone in the school, and they will tell that Mr. Gold is a great guy to be around.