App Review – HuntStand

App Review - HuntStand


App Name: HuntStand

Category: Sport

Ages: 15+ 

Rating: 4/5

Developer: TerraStride 

With the app, HuntStand, you can map your hunt, manage your land, and share your harvests with millions of people across the country.  One of the many great features on this app is that it is completely free to download. Why would you pay $1 or $2 for a mediocre app that doesn’t have all of the features that HuntStand has?  In addition, you can build sophisticated and detailed maps of your hunting areas.  The app has a revolutionary online mapping technology which allows you to view and share your hunting area maps with the help of a GPS satellite. You can use advanced tools that let you examine and understand the area you hunt.   You can also view property listings anywhere in the country if you want to go looking for some big game out west. With the tool “Area Measurement”, you can accurately measure the shape of any area. This can be useful to determine how much seed or fertilizer you may need for a field or food plot. You can use the “Distance Measurement” tool to measure the distance between any two points or a series of points in feet, yards, or meters. This allows you to determine the length of a shot, see how far a stand is from another hunter or from a major food source. Finally, HuntStand allows you to create personal and “club” pages that network with your hunting friends.

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