Behind the Scenes: In the Dog House


I love teaching journalism!”

— Mrs. D.

Journalism isn’t what you think it might be with Mrs. DiGiammarino. Most RV students had her back in 7th grade. Yes, she is very strict with her 7th graders, but when it comes to journalism, she is a totally different teacher:  she’s laid-back, fun, and truly enjoys working with the writing staff one-on-one.

Don’t get the wrong idea about journalism; we work hard to write the articles that report school news and give a voice to our students. The news room is laid back and fun, with never a dull moment. Staff members cover pep rallies, Veteran’s Day, or any other school events.  We even get out of classes to cover news. There are fields trips we can go on to colleges, like Media Day at Point Park University, which I have personally gone to and is incredible. We also have fun parties for special occasions, like our Twitter Day party.  

Mrs. D. teaches us to watch for bias in our reporting since that is a serious problem in current news media.  Reporters may write a variety of articles, editorials, slideshows, and even polls. For example, if music is your passion, you can write articles critiquing new albums or posting a song of the week.   If sports are your passion, you can write solely sports news.

Even the grading system in Journalism is very unique and student-driven.   You have two weeks to get as close to 200 points worth of writing posted on the school newspaper website.   Relatively easy rotating writing assignments on typical school news will earn 100 of your required points. The other points will be articles and posts that you choose to write.  

As you now know, Journalism is a fun way to develop your writing skills, stay aware of school events, and explore subjects of interest as you manage an online school newspaper.  Join The Bark!