Book Review


Photo by Pic Credits to Goodreads

Photo by Pic Credits to Goodreads

Title: Shiver

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Other Works: Linger, Forever, Sinner, The Scorpio Races

Writing analysis: It was easy to read structurally.

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Romance




Imagine living in a world where the only major problem you have to deal with is the fact that winter is coming. In the fictional novel Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, Grace is a small town girl with a grand total of three best friends. Grace lives in Mercy Falls, Minnesota. Her home is by the edge of the woods, but these particular woods are a home for a special breed of wolves. Dark fur and yellow eyes are just the start of Grace’s fascination.  Destined since childhood to be her friend, Sam is never far from Grace’s side. After saving her from a pack of wolves, Sam makes it his mission to watch over Grace all winter. Sam and Grace face supernatural challenges as they fall deeper in love.




As a reader, I feel that Shiver really addressed both of my favorite genres:  romance and the supernatural. Growing up, I read plenty of romance, with Twilight as a personal favorite. Shiver gives off the same feeling that Twilight gives in the supernatural way. The book was well-structured and very different to any other book that I have read, mostly because the font color was blue. While reading the book, there was so much drama you forgot that the font was anything other then black. The book reads very fast–so fast, you don’t realize it until the end. On a 5-star scale, I would give it a 4.5.



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