App Review


Photo by The Reedsy Blog

Photo by The Reedsy Blog

App Name: Wattpad

Category: Entertainment

Ages: 13+ (to make an account)

Rating: 4/5

Developer:  Lindsey Ramey


Wattpad is an app that allows your literary creativity to shine through. Wattpad allows you to read books from other authors worldwide, and not only do you get to read them, but you can write your own as well. Each author has their own profile page and a ‘Story Board’. The profile consists of a username, profile picture, the amount of followers, readers, and library lists. The Story Board holds memos that authors want their fans to know. After you add a book to a library, you can start reading. Each reader has their own style, so you can choose scrolling or paging, black or white, and font-size. Once you start reading, your book will cache so you can read it offline. The book will also automatically save where you are.


Prior to reading and writing for joy, Wattpad Administration also holds a contest for worldwide writers. If your book gets the most reads, has the fewest errors, and is one of the most favorited during the competition – then you get a Wattpad Grammy. This competition is called The Wattys. Not all books remain strictly on Wattpad, some online books are published into physical paperbacks that can be purchased throughout book stores and online sites, in addition to finding them on Wattpad. So, kick back, relax, and have a read.