Beauty and the Beast Musical Cast

Congratulations to following students who received a role in this year’s musical Beauty and the Beast.  In addition to the these cast members, 47 students have also committed to perform as townsfolk.  What a great showing of Bulldog pride!

Narrator- Josiah Richard

Enchantress- Hope Spence

Young Prince- Matthew Green

The Beast/Prince Adam- Peyton Kirkpatrick

Belle- Alena Keller

Gaston- Ethan Richard

Lefou- Dylan Jones

Lumiere- Colin Sheffer

Cogsworth- Koty Kline

Mrs. Potts- Carly Over

Babette- Addy Minich

Madame de la Grande- Emily  Neiswonger

Chip- Emma Taladay

Maurice- Logan Wadding

Silly Girls-  Hope Spence, Karlee Wells, Zoe Rankin

Monsieur D’Arque- Mathew Green


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