Buffet Boys: The Offensive Line


Photo By Adam Myers

Easily one of the most underrated positions in any sport, the buffet boys put in hard work, but you don’t ever see them score a touchdown or earn any glory. This offensive line is built up of a center, two tackles, and two guards. While on the offensive line during a pass play, your main goal is to protect your quarterback, better than the US special forces protect the President of the United States.  When the lineman is in a battle, he will be in what is like a sumo wrestling match with the defensive player. During a pass play, linemen will do what is known as a kick step. When doing a kick step, you will kick your primary leg backwards, like that of a horse. A guard will usually end up doing one kick, while tackles try to do two kick steps and ride the defensive end outwards.

The offensive line at Redbank has been pretty solid mid-way through the year. Some of the athletes on Redbank’s offensive line this year consist of Blaney Brooks, Trenton Bowersox, Colton Bartley, Kolby Barrett, Aidan Gardner, Ethan Jones, Ray Shreckengost, Luke Hopper, and Justin Ferringer. Senior Blaney Brooks was honored this year with Captain for the Bulldogs. Our offense has done a solid job on the run game this year.  Junior guard Trenton Bowersox has been “pulling” extremely well for the line. When pulling, a lineman runs full speed towards a defensive player and tries to run them over and or move them out of the way. The RV offensive line is lead by Coach Blane Gold.

On a professional level, every team usually has around ten to fifteen linemen on each team. Currently, the top NFL run blocking line is the Los Angeles Rams, while the New England Patriots’ offensive line is the best for pass blocking.  Some NFL offensive line Pro Bowlers from last year included Steelers guard, David DeCastro; Steelers center, Maurkice Pouncey; Steelers tackle, Alejandro Villanueva; Falcons center, Donald Penn; Cowboys guard Zack Martin; and many more.

When NFL scouts are looking for a good lineman, they look at your height and weight.  At one point the Los Angeles Rams had one of, if not the heaviest, player in the league. Terrell Brown, Tackle for the Rams, weighed a bit heavier than 400, making him one of the heaviest players to ever play the sport.  Linemen have got to be big.  

Something that is very vital for scouts is the ability to play in more than one position, like guard and tackle.   During training lineman want to build strength, especially in their legs, so they can fire out quickly to make contact with the defensive player. To build up strength in the general quad area, the best lift would be the squat. Something underrated with lineman is speed and athleticism.  You have to have speed to help you fire out and hit someone.   When pulling, a player must be fast enough to run his opponent over.

Offensive lineman are those who squat hard and play harder.


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