Art 2, Art 3, and Art 4 Projects

Zachary Renwick, Art 3

What is going on in Mr. Hartle’s art classes? There is always something fun and exciting happening in the art room.

Art 2- In Art 2 the students are working on multi-colored linoleum block prints. The concept of this project is that the students get to work with and learn about colors.  First, the students will pick something to draw. Then, they will draw their image onto paper. Then, the students transfer  drawings to linoleum blocks. After that,  students will  pick four colors that they want use to color their drawing. They will then choose their background on the block and begin carving their blocks. The last process is that the students will begin going over their blocks with paint and print their drawing onto paper with the four colors that they chose, starting with the lightest color first and ending with their darkest color last.

Art 3- In Art 3 students are working on Balance- 2-D design. The students will select what they want to draw. Then, they will draw it, and then cut out their pictures with an X-acto knife. After, they will begin to paint the pieces of their picture. They will then get white poster board paper and paint their background. For the last step, they will hot glue painted pieces and put together the drawing onto the poster board paper.

Art 4- In Art 4 students are working on famous artist wall murals. The students chose a famous artist’s painting to reproduce; however, the students were required to put a twist on their reproductions. So, instead of students trying to paint the original paintings, they made the paintings more interesting and creative.

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