Trading Rondo: Smart or Not?


Jarrett Bailey, Sports Writer

Over the past few seasons, there has been talk coming from Boston about trading their starting Point Guard, Rajon Rondo. Rondo is easily the best player on the Celtics roster in my opinion,  but not the only talented one. Trading him could have its own benefits.

They have a few young, talented guys who are hungry to make big impacts. Avery Bradley has become a young rising star in the NBA ever since arriving in Boston and playing alongside Rondo. Plus, the Celtics picked up another good guard this offseason, Marcus Thornton. Both Thornton and Bradley are averaging good numbers for their rolls on the team with Thornton averaging a little over 8 points per game coming off the bench, and Bradley with about 13 points playing at his starting roll as a guard alongside Rondo. Now, trading Rondo could be a great move for the Celtics, who are currently talking with the Mavericks on a possible deal involving Rondo and Maverick’s Center, Brandan Wright. The trade would free up a ton of cap room for the Celtics, which could help them lure a big star free agent this summer to Boston.

Another big factor that could be a positive would be that the talented players, who are on the verge of being stars, would have chances to step up and make names for themselves, such as Forward Evan Turner and big men Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger.

When you look at the Celtics roster, there is a ton of talent that could just get better if this deal does go down. This deal could also be a good thing for Rondo, who has had mixed reactions from Boston fans for the past few seasons on the issue of keeping him or trading him. So, before the season ends, don’t be surprised if you see Rajon Rondo wearing Maverick’s blue.

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