Teacher Feature: Mr. Rex


Mr. Rex

Mr. Rex has been teaching at Redbank for 16 years. Currently he teaches Health 8, Health 11, and  Physical Education 7-12.

Q.Why did you decide to become a teacher?  I love my students; I love to see them learn and excel. I’m thankful for all my past teachers and what they did for me and I just want to do the same.

Q. What  is your favorite teaching memory?  My favorite teaching memory was whooping Bryson Bain’s  butt in badminton 21-11, and Bryson had a ten point lead before we even started.

Q. If you had chosen not to teach, where would you be now ?  I would be playing in the PGA Tour.

Q. What are some of your favorite hobbies? My hobbies are golfing, hunting, skiing, coaching, and whooping up on Bryson Bain in all sports.