Dippy, Scrambled, and Omelettes , Oh My!

This week in Mrs. Orange’s “Foods and You” class students covered the Egg Unit.  This included several notes and vocabulary about the common egg. Students worked day by day watching and learning how to prepare these “eggtastic” treats.

Before students could enter the kitchen, they covered various sections in the classroom. To start the year off they covered chapters on Kitchen Safety, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, and more. After they learned about Kitchen Safety, they began the Egg Unit. To start the Egg Unit off, students did a vocabulary sheet with all kind of “eggtastic” words. Then, at the beginning of this week, they headed into the kitchen to cook for the first time. Each time the students cooked, it was made into a two-day process. One day, each kitchen would watch Mrs. Orange demonstrate how to properly cook the egg recipe. The next day each kitchen of students cooked the eggs themselves.

According to Mrs. Orange’s students, their favorite “eggsperiment” was omelets because it contained both meat and cheese. The students also claimed that the easiest recipe was the scrambled egg. Many times in high school, students find themselves wondering “Why do I have to take this class? When am I ever going to use it?” Foods and You is a class that teaches life necessities–and students never have to wonder how this class applies to real life.