Juniors Win Powder Puff, 3-0

Every year for Homecoming Spirit Week, there is a Powder Puff game. Powder Puff is flag football with girls that are juniors and seniors. Powder Puff ladies volunteer to get on the gridiron in their tutus and show the men how it’s done!

This year our Powder Puff team names are Westover Warriors (juniors) and Star Spangled Seniors. The juniors pulled the win last night in overtime, 3-0 with Megan Gourley kicking the field goal that won it!

The Powder Puff teams were coached by the football players. The coaches for the juniors were Justin Ferringer, Declan Fricko, Ethan Hetrick, Sam Hetrick, Alex Carlson, and Chase Bish. And the coaches for the seniors were Ethan Jones, Tanner Kerle, Chase Wiles, Keaton Khale, Hunter Martz, Hunter Wiles, Blaney Brooks, Caleb Snyder, and Colin Sheffer.

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