App Review: Instagram

App Review: Instagram

App Name: Instagram 

Category: Photo and  Video 

Ages: 12+

Rating: 4.8/7.1 M

Developer: Instagram, Inc 

Instagram is a social media app that most teenagers have. In this app you can post pictures that you take within the app or ones that are in your camera roll. You can also tag your friends that are in the pictures. Something cool about Instagram is that it has 11 different filters that you can use to make your photos more interesting. Instagram also allows you to live stream. Live streaming is whenever you go live on your Instagram and other people can join to see what you are doing.

On Instagram, you can also have a “story” that you can post as much as you want on it. The nice thing about an Instagram story is after 24 hours it deletes itself. The only people that can view your story are your friends, and you can only view your friends’ stories. As you can see, Instagram is very similar to Facebook.