APP Review: Netflix


App Name: Netflix

Category: Entertainment

Ages: 4+

Rating: 4/5

Developer:  Netflix, Inc.

Do you want to find a movie or TV series to get hooked on? Netflix is the app for you. You can browse many different genres of movies and shows. It also allows you to make a list of anything you watch on a daily basis. It is an easy way to have a Friday family movie night, with tons of family appropriate movies for all ages.  

You do pay a monthly fee for the services, and the price varies on how many screens you can play at a time. For any young children, parents can add an age limit on each profile that you make. You can have multiple different profiles under one account and only pay for two screens or more. Netflix provides the movie theater experience and the exploration of new movies added at least by every month by switching out old movies or adding more. Go ahead and download the app.  Start your binge watching addiction today!