1995-1996 Chicago Bulls

1995-1996 Chicago Bulls

The 95-96 Bulls is said to be one of the best NBA teams, if not the best basketball team ever to perform on the court. The Bulls that season were lead by, in my opinion, the best basketball player in history, Michael Jordan.

Jordan that season put up 30.4 points per game, nowadays an average NBA player is said to put up 9.7 points per game. Jordan’s right hand man that season was Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. Pippen put up 19.4 points per game, making this team a scoring powerhouse with the second best record ever, when they went 72-10.

The only team that has a better record is the 2015-2016 Warriors who went 73-9. This team also had Hall of Famer power forward Dennis Rodman, who was another key threat for the Bulls that year. The current coach for the Warriors, who lead them to their historic 15-16 season, Steve Kerr was also a solid three shooter for his time with Bulls. Something that most people don’t know is that center Luc Longley and power forward Toni Kukoc have some similarities in each other’s play style,  both putting up about four to five rebounds per game in their careers.

Jordan has had some incredible things that ended up happening through is career. Jordan has accomplished gaining six Finals MVPs, five season MVPs, ten time All NBA 1st team, Defensive Player of the Year, nine time All NBA Defensive 1st team, Rookie of the Year, fourteen time All Star appearances, he has been retired by the Heat even though he didn’t play for them and the Bulls retired the number 23, a Hall of Famer, and named in the NBA’s top 50.

This whole team was lead by one of the greatest coaches of all time, Phil Jackson. Jackson has been able to accumulate eleven NBA championships with his time coaching. He is most well-known for being the only coach with ten or more championships in any of North America’s professional sports. He is one of only six NBA coaches to have over a thousand wins.

At the end of the season the Bulls faced and defeated the SuperSonics, four games to two, to be crowned NBA champions. After the series, it was pretty obvious who the Finals’ MVP should be–Michael Jordan received his fourth Finals’ MVP. During the playoffs, the Chicago Bulls were able to sweep the Magic and the Heat to become NBA champions. Some will say that the 95-96 Chicago Bulls were the greatest NBA team in history; some will not.   But,  we all know that this was one team to remember.


Full roster:

Point Guard, Randy Brown #0

Guard and Forward, Jud Buechler #30

Power Forward, Jason Caffey #35

Center, James Edwards #53

Forward and Center, Jack Haley #54

Guard and Forward, Ron Harper #9

Hall of Fame Shooting Guard, Michael Jordan #23

Point Guard, Steve Kerr #25

Power Forward, Toni Kukoc #7

Center, Luc Longley #13

Hall of Fame Guard and Forward, Scottie Pippen #33

Hall of Fame Small Forward, Dennis Rodman #91

Center, John Salley #22

Power Forward, Dickey Simpkins #8

Center, Bill Wennington #34

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