Art On The Ceiling?

Hannah Adams

Mr. Hartle, the Redbank Valley High School art teacher, does amazing projects with his students in grades 7-12.

In particular, The Bark was interested in the ceiling tile project in the art room.   Mr. Hartle shares some background about the project below.

Q: Who inspired you to make the ceiling tiles?

A: I saw it at other schools like DuBois and Union, and I wanted my room to be more colorful.

 Q: What art class makes the ceiling tiles?

A: Art 2, which is an elective students may request in grades 10-12.

Q: When did you start doing this art project?

A: I started it two years ago.

Q: how do you grade this project?

A: I pull down the tiles and students decide where they want to put the finished tile. There is a grading rubric for the project based on the art term called foreshortening.

Mr. Hartle has been working at RVHS for 17 years, and he absolutely loves it here.   Mr. Hartle walks around with the biggest smile on his face all day, everyday.   He is also the athletic director here at Redbank Valley. He is wonderful teacher and is so good at what he does.








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