Volleyball Season…So Far


  The Redbank Valley Varsity and JV Volleyball team is doing great this season.   Varsity had its first tournament on September 1. They placed Third, losing to A-C Valley in the semi-finals, 2-1. A-C Valley won against Kane winning the whole tournament.

The first game of the volleyball season was against Clarion. The Clarion Bobcats and Redbank have always been competitive with each other. The JV team dominated the Clarion Bobcats, easily beating them in the first set. The second set was a close score, but the Bulldogs ended up winning, 2-0.

With the excitement and confidence from the JV team victory, the Varsity team won its first set.  However, Clarion came back and won the next three sets.  It was a rough start losing to one of our rivals. 

That weekend JV had a tournament. They wrapped up the tournament winning every set, and ended up winning a first place  trophy to take back to RVHS.

The next game was against Forest. JV ended up winning against Forest both sets and continuing its streak for winning every set again. Varsity dominated Forest, winning three sets as well. 

As they practiced, the team prepared for the next big game with Brookville. This team was going to be really hard to beat. They are one of the best teams in the league. JV won, 2-0 and Varsity also won, 3-0.

September 15 was the Varsity tournament at Brockway.   Showing off their fantastic skills, they placed first in the tournament and bringing the trophy home.

The next game was against Venango County. The Redbank JV team took the lead 2-0, continuing its streak. Varsity came off and showed its  talent again, winning and finishing the game off 3-0.

These girls have shown much effort through their season already. They have practice after school almost every day to get better. The JV team has won every set so far, making them go 14-0. Varsity lost only lost against Clarion, but they have come back bigger and better than ever, winning every other game they have played.  

Come out and support RVHS Volleyball and cheer this winning team on to the playoffs.